Who Are We

We are a group of people who "rally" throughout the year. YES, you can use your caravan or motorhome in the winter!

There are lots of good reasons to join us, such as low-cost weekend rallies across South Wales and the UK for all ages, often at unique venues plus longer breaks, all with the support and friendship available from fellow members (if you need it).

What is a "rally"? "Rally or rallies" are a gathering of Club members who have caravans or motor homes that enjoy making new friendships and enjoy socialising or just chill out if they wish. They all offer a relaxing break from the rigours of everyday life. Smile

Rallies are held on a variety of sites ranging from full facility caravan parks to farmers/School/Rugby Club fields, or the grounds of the National Trust, National Park and Forestry Commission properies - areas that camping would not normally be available to the general public. These rallies are an excellent way of enjoying economic caravanning. Bank holiday periods are catered for with extended weekends of 3 to 5 days. On main holiday periods rallies are 14 days or more but the duration of stay is your choice.

The aim of the 2000 Caravan Club Cymru is to gather friends together at weekeends to enjoy life in the open air and away from the pressures of life (in places you may not normally visit).

Wherever you live, whatever your taste in caravanning, you`ll enjoy the friendly fellowship that our club offers and get even more pleasure from your caravan or motor home.

Please note membership of "2000 Caravan Club Cymru" does not preclude you from joining any other clubs or centres of your choice.


Membership is just £15 per year, no joining fee; no administration fees just the rally cost per night.

"What do you have to lose!"

If you would like to join or require other information please contact us via our CONTACT info page or email us at

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